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​Picturesque, readily accessible, and easy to get around


Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a dynamic Central European city lying at an altitude of 298m above sea level in a broad basin between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. 

Ljubljana is situated on a natural passage leading from Central Europe to the Mediterranean and towards the East called the "Ljubljana Gate." It is not by pure coincidence that trade routes and waves of migration have passed through it for centuries. From the early settlers to the present day, the transit character of this area has stimulated the constant growth of economic and cultural ties with other cities and nations.

Today, Ljubljana is a convenient two-hour flight from almost all major European airports making it a readily accessible destination for ESRA 2015.

For more information on getting to Ljubljana and around the city, please click here​.

Ljubljana is certainly a city with a high quality of life, its appearance and flair charming many a visitor. It is a city of greenery, the centre occupied by parks and forests. The old city centre is full of outstanding architecture, a medley of styles from different periods in history bound together into one of the 20th century's most amazing total works of art by the world famous architect and urban planner Jože Plečnik.

It also an ideal departure point for the discovery of all the variety Slovenia has to offer. The unique Karst region, the Adriatic coast, the mountains, the hilly wine-growing regions and many historic towns are all within a two-hour drive.​

We look forward to welcoming you to Ljubljana for ESRA 2015

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